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Feel the soft and delicate touch of Aloe Vera. With a perfect blend of fibers, this yarn provides excellent drape to your handmade creations, resulting in lightweight and breathable pieces. Aloe Vera yarn is quick to knit and can be used in crafting projects for all seasons. There are 10 timeless colors for you to bring your designs to life and enjoy your journey with utmost comfort. You'll fall in love


Technical Information

Yarn yardage and weight: 132 yds / 3.5 oz 
Composition: 30% Aloe / 30% Cotton / 40% Viscose
Knit gauge (4 in x 4 in): 15 S x 20 R on US 8 (5mm)
Crochet gauge (4 in x 4 in): 12 Sc x 6 R on J-10 (6mm)

Circulo Red - Aloe Vera - Círculo Yarns