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Royal Recommendations from the Knitting Princess - February

Today I'm going to tell you a little story about how a yarn color was born. There is nothing more frustrating than having a vision in your head and not being able to make it happen, because you don't have the resources. My friend Bonnie designed a new sock pattern, and she let me test it. I really wanted to make the socks in a specific shade of pink, but we didn't have it at the store, and I needed to start soon. While I was trying to settle on a second choice, and not really finding a color that I was happy with, in walks Jaime of Pandemonium3DyeWorks. She asked what I was looking for, I told her, and she custom dyed a sock yarn for me that night that I was able to get the next day! I even got to help name it. And that is how Princess Perfection was born. It is this month's royal recommendation. You can get it in store or online at 10% off until the next royal recommendation goes live on March 25th. And in case you didn't think you read that right, you did. This is the first of many locally hand-dyed yarns that will be available on our website! Find it here!

Also, in case you're wondering what to make with Pink Perfection in sock weight, I've got the perfect pattern for you. Bonnie Martin (aka: keyzpoof on Ravelry) is releasing the Libelle Socks Pattern this week! This is a fun pattern if you enjoy knitting socks and want a little bit of a challenge. Not only is it great to have socks in a custom color that I love, but it's great to have socks that were quite literally custom made for my feet. The best way to get that fit is to make them yourself, and it's way more fun when the socks are fun.

I especially enjoyed doing the cables down the side of the socks. The dragonflies around the front and back make the socks fun and cheerful, and then the cables add another layer of refinement and interest. The socks are perfect, the yarn is perfect, and I hope you'll share pictures of your projects using Princess Perfection!

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